Children Healthy Start

Dr. Greg Ceraso is certified in HealthyStart. His goal is to provide every advantage for your child to allow them to live healthy and happy lives.

After a full assessment, he will provide your child with the proper appliance.  This is a “wireless” method of straightening teeth, and at the same time improves airway for kids 3-7. It is not only effective in helping treat mouth breathing, snoring, but will also help with ADD/ADHD, bed wetting, allergies, teeth grinding, and several other conditions.  All this in an effort to minimize their need for ortho and sleep appliances as an adult.

Does your child have any of these symptoms?

  •       Underdeveloped dental arches and jaws
  •       Weak tongue or orofacial muscles
  •       Poor Oral Habits such as thumb sucking
  •       Compromised Airways
  •       Mouth breathing/snoring
  •       Swollen adenoids/tonsils
  •       Low tongue Position
  •       Crowded/Crooked Teeth
  •       Overbite/Crossbite
  •       Overjet/Open Bite
  •       Sleep Disordered Breathing
  •       Restless Sleep or Nightmares
  •       ADD/ADHD
  •       Bed Wetting
  •       Chronic Allergies
  •       Daytime Drowsiness
  •       Aggression/Defiance/Anger
  •       Lower IQ/Difficulty in School

Healthy Advantages

  •       Straightens Teeth, With No Braces
  •       Addresses the root cause of sleep disordered breathing
  •       Improves school performance
  •       Can help aid in ADD/ADHS
  •       Improve swollen tonsils and adenoids to avoid surgical removal
  •       Improves mouth breathing/snoring
  •       Improves restless sleep
  •      Reduces bedwetting