Fighting gum disease requires vigilance and repetition. Fortunately, it doesn’t always require surgery.

The innovative Perio Protect Method® utilizes patented, non-invasive Perio Trays® to deliver treatment deep below the gum line, where toothbrushes, rinse and floss fail to reach. These customized trays end the cycle of disease by extending treatment from the dental chair to the comfort of your home.

What is the Perio Protect Perio Tray?

The Perio Tray is a device used to administer Perio Protect gum disease treatments, specifically engineered to fit the mouth of each individual patient. By using a mold to shape the Perio Tray, each tray is fitted to contour the shape of your teeth and gums. When gum disease medication is applied to the tray and inserted, the molded shape ensures a tight enough fit for the medication to be effectively administered beneath the gums in both shallow and deep gum pockets. Ask our team about if PerioProtect is a right fit for you.

What is Perio Protect Video